The International Art Camp Festival “Chunches de Mar”
begin on January of 2000, when a group of artists
that had camped in my parents property at the beach for the past 35 years and I, decided that it would be great to make it official, and there for give the community the possibility to view the art that they were creating and also learn thru workshops. 

We were inspired to go big and make it a festival following a road trip we’d had along Spain’s Costa del Sol. We’d had decided to hire a car at Malaga Airport when we landed in order to explore the area, and this proved to be a good decision. The Spanish art that we came across on our travels convinced us that art was ultimately meant to be shared, and so we came back to implement that.

They set up the camp near the beach, for up to a month every year.
During this month, they collect wood that drifted ashore, garbage and recycling materials to create art.
The last Saturday of the month we exhibit at the “Hotel Luz de Mono” or we do a great beach party.

Chunches de Mar Camp’s main goal is to unite people through art, by inviting national and international
artists to our camp. 
The idea is to get tourists and locals to
Share and acknowledge of what’s happening in the art world.
We want to provide artist the opportunity of sharing ideas in an environment that is peaceful and amazingly beautiful.


We base our theme in the experience of interaction of
artists with one another, dealing with the
environmental problems and nature. 
Themes vary every year, depending on what is more
relevant to artists. 

The pioneer artists are:

Roberto Lizano 

Carlos Aguilar Duran 

Maynor Mora

Nefertiti Ingalls 

Roberto Lizano and Carlos Aguilar 

Artist that have participated: 

Fabio Herrera/Costa Rica 

Mario Mafiolli/Costa Rica 

Andres Salas/Costa Rica 

Jaime Umaña/Costa Rica 

Alejandro Ramirez/Costa Rica 

Kye-Song Lee (South Korea) 

Siham Mogharby (Turkey) 

Cecil Gaspar (USA)

Thoren Ingalls (Costa Rica) 

When does the festival take place? 

The festival takes place during the Costa Rican
Summer, to allow artists to have a great time during
the best weather of the year. 

This is also the peak of the tourist season;
therefore, it is certain that we will have a good
audience during the opening night. 

The camp begins on the first week of January and the
opening party takes place on the last Saturday of the
month, at the Luz de Mono restaurant.