If you’d like to take part in the festival, or volunteer, here is how you can help.

To Showcase Work
Email us some of your work as well as letting us know how long you’d like to stay for. We like to have artists come on a rotating basis on a month to month basis. We feel it lets the artist get nicely settled in to the area, as well as giving them a real creative outlet to work with.

To Work At The Festival
Any volunteer only needs to bring one thing: their passport. With warm nights and the risk of storms at their lowest point during the festival, you should know that you will probably be staying in the garden in a tent. We also keep hammocks up too if inside the tent gets too warm to stay in during the night.

To Sponsor
We don’t accept any formal sponsors for the festival. We do appreciate though if a company can help any artist or volunteer come to the festival. And if you’d like to provide supplies, food or alcohol, that would go a long way to keeping the party going throughout the week.